After being unwell last week it felt great to be back to full swing this week. It was actually a good week for number of reasons. I was completely on top of all my work, I had a great night out to celebrate a friends birthday and recent work successes and we had a family day out at a Christening on Sunday. An incredibly packed week but it didn’t feel that way, I just really enjoyed it.

I have to say I am guilty of being all work and no play. Naturally having a baby does limit your social life, particularly at first, but nevertheless I get a little lost in my work and can spend so much of my week working that I don’t do much else. I have spoken to many business men and women about this and I think it seems to be a common trait when you work for yourself. Ironically, one of the benefits of being self-employed is meant to be that you can work whenever you want, yet no one actually seems to experience this. Without doubt I benefit from flexible working, allowing Giulio and I to create our own schedule around our family life. but ultimately our working day spans from 6am to 9pm.

There are a couple of reasons I think that make it difficult to work an appropriate number of hours when you work for yourself. The first being that people in business love what they do, I know I do. I find it easy to work long hours and to work at the weekend. Loving what you do not only makes it easy to work those hours but it also gives you a certain drive to make sure that you succeed, it is a passion, a desire. Not succeeding is often not even a consideration. This ties in with the other reason for having such a strong work ethic and it is because there is nowhere to hide, it is solely up to you whether you get wages this month, whether you can pay your bills and whether or not you can afford a holiday. The knowledge that everything is on your shoulders makes it easy to work hard every single day.

However, whilst all that is true, having some time off is incredibly important and as I said this is something that I am not particularly good at. Yet whenever something is organised with friends or family I always really enjoy the time away from work and think that I should do it more. It doesn’t in any way affect my productivity, in fact, if anything it actually improves my productivity as I work hard to get everything done before I go out.

I was trying to think about what then it is that holds me back from spending more time relaxing and seeing people and I actually think it is simply because the business becomes all consuming, as does family life. Every day is centred around what hours I can squeeze into the day and how that impacts my time with Paolo. Unfortunately, like most mums, time to enjoy myself is not top of the list. It’s probably not even on the list! However, it should be.

So after having a very enjoyable week this week I am hoping to spend a little more time enjoying myself. It doesn’t need to be big events or big nights out but just taking a little bit of time in the week to see friends or do something that I enjoy. Out of all the topics I have written about in the blog I feel as though this seems amongst the hardest to achieve as it is quite unlike me to take that time. I am going to try though!

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