Many of the readers of this blog know me personally but for those of you that don’t you may or may not be aware that I regularly move at 100 miles an hour. I have lots of energy, lots of ideas and I am always very excited about what is happening next. I like to think that this is largely a positive, however it can also mean that I lose focus, take on too much and expect too much too quickly. On the whole, this year I have been much better at pacing myself, being patient and being much more focused, but the last few weeks I have started to see old habits creeping back in so I need to reign myself in a little. 

I think there are a number of factors that have helped me be a little more patient and measured when it comes to my work but the two biggest have been what I have learnt from working with so many people as a personal trainer and, although I probably shouldn’t put this in writing, Giulio. 

I am always amazed about how much I have learnt from being a personal trainer that extends far beyond health and fitness. From my experience of reaching my own goals and from helping others reach theirs I have learnt that nothing can beat hard work, discipline and consistency. There is absolutely no way to fast track weight loss in a way that is beneficial to your long term health and well being and in business there is no such thing as a quick buck. So during times when I find myself feeling impatient that the business isn’t exactly where I want it I have an internal conversation with myself that mirrors the conversations I have with 4321 members and it really helps me gain some perspective. 

However, the lessons are not just in the conversations we have about weight loss or fitness it is equally in the lessons they have taught me. I am incredibly lucky to work with so many different people from all different backgrounds, of all different ages and that work in all different industries and each person has passed on incredibly useful pieces of information that they have learnt along the way, whether that be from their own successes or failures, and over the years I have benefited from hundreds of little life lessons. This is one of the biggest reasons I feel it is such a privilege to work with so many great people, many of which have also become friends, as it helps you understand all the challenges that people face in all different areas of their life and how they overcome them. These stories very often inspire me to do better, work harder and enjoy life to the maximum and for that I thank them. 

The other person I need to thank is Giulio. I would say Giulio is a big dreamer like me and wants to have the best possible life we can carve out for our family but he is far more measured than I am. I can always see the big picture, but he is much more about the details. He makes me sit down and work out the path to getting to the goal, he makes me accountable and he definitely keeps me focused. I would actually say lack of focus when it comes to the business is my biggest weakness, although ironically, I can be incredibly focused in other ares of my life. What changes when it comes to work I do not know, but I have so many ideas and sometimes I can literally just bounce from one to the other without really achieving anything. He has definitely been a driving force in making me zone in, get a task completed or at least in hand before moving onto the next one. I believe in that way we are a good balance as my energy and drive keeps us moving forward but he navigates and steers the way. 

With all that being said as the business has been growing over the last few months and we have been building some momentum I can feel myself getting carried away, getting too many ideas and losing focus on some of the tasks in hand. When I start to work at this hyper level I feel as though it means I will get to my goal quicker but it is a false economy. This type of speed is inefficient, it is actually more of a distraction from the day to day tasks that must be done in order to succeed. So this is a memo to myself to take heed of the lessons learned over the last few months, take a breathe, slow down a little and stay focused. It has worked thus far and I am determined to keep going at this pace.

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