I would say that September has been a pretty tough month. After my holiday I felt a bit out of sync and disorganised and work tasks have not quite been going to plan. With these ups and downs I think it is fair to say that I have been feeling the fear recently and the magnitude of what we are trying to do has to started to hit home. Starting a business that is your sole income with a young family is quite an undertaking and whilst I always knew it would be tough I am normally pretty positive and pragmatic, but this last week the pressure has been mounting. 

Nothing terrible has happened this week but I would say we have taken a few knocks and, whilst this is not the first time it has happened, I think I felt it more because things had actually been going so well. When work is going well, you want it to keep going that way and, even though you know it wont, you secretly hope that it will. So on the back of a very successful run, a bad month has been tough to take and left me wondering if my goals are just too big to achieve. 

Moments of doubt like this are rare for me. I am someone that understands what it takes to succeed, puts a plan in place and works incredibly hard to make sure things happen, but that can mean that when things go poorly and you are trying your best and working your hardest it can be really disheartening. I have seen this plenty of times before with 4321 members when they are putting in the work and not getting the results that they want and, more importantly, deserve, they are, understandably, really disappointed and feel like giving up. My advice is always the same, even though you might not be getting the results now I know for sure that hard work pays off in the long run. Keep focusing on the process, put in the work and the results will take care of themselves. However, it might not happen in the exact timeframe that you want. This week I had to give myself the same advice when it came to the business. 

The results were not as I wanted and there have been set backs but if I keep putting in the work then I know I will get there! This advice can be hard to take when you are feeling low but what other option is there? This was a tough question I had to face. Is there another option that I want to take? In life there are always other options available but that doesn’t meant that you like the sound of them. Again taking it back to health and fitness, when people get disheartened they quit and that means choosing (even if doesn’t always feel like a choice) to stay the same rather than keep going down the more difficult path of making changes. If I choose to quit here the decision is slightly bigger as it would affect my whole career. 

The reality is that, for me, quitting is not an option. Even when I have had a tough week or month and the thought goes through my head I immediately go back into attack mode. I start to ask myself what can I do differently, how can I make changes towards success. Carrying on regardless is not an option, if something is not working it is important that you analyse, assess and make appropriate changes to the method but never to the end goal. If the end goal matters to you then you need to pursue it relentlessly and in times of doubt or fear of failure, you just have to do what they say…feel the fear and do it anyway! That is exactly what I am doing at the moment and I am confident it will pay off. 

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