As I discussed last week it had been a tough period of self doubt and of things not going to plan. It can be so easy at times like this to let these feelings and disappointments affect the work you put in towards your goals, but you cannot let it. No matter how I felt last week, I still got up and got my work done. Was it as easy as it normally is? Of course not, but the only way to pick yourself up from a setback is to keep moving forward and look for the positives in the situation. Dwelling gets you nowhere. 

With this is in mind I kept pushing on, working each week as I normally would, putting all the negatives to the back and looking for the positives. When you start looking for them it is amazing how many positives you can find. I started to see all the progress I had made over the last 4-5 months. It is only a short amount of time but we, Giulio and I, have managed to make some substantial steps in a business that before then was very much part time. 

Last week, specifically, I recorded 3 podcast episodes which is going to be the newest addition to our ever expanding offering and, if I am honest, it is possible one of the areas I am enjoying the most. The podcast is about other people, their stories, their successes, their struggles and I love learning from others, gaining understanding about their life and being inspired by their journey, whatever it may be. I knew I would enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t have set out to do it, but I didn’t realise how much I would get from it and how much I would look forward to doing the next one.  We also made quite a big step in adding some awesome new content to the programme that should be ready for January 2020, I can’t reveal too much about that just yet. though. Let’s just say it is exciting and that also gave me a lift. 

I have come to learn over the last 8 years as a personal trainer that mindset, attitude and action are the most important assets when things are not going to plan. You need a strong mindset to resist the temptation to give up. You need a positive attitude to stay optimistic about the situation and you need to be able to take action to find ways to work around whatever problems have been thrown your way. There is no scenario in life where there won’t be setbacks or problems to face so you need to find a way to arm yourself with these tools so that they are there when you need them. However, even with them at your disposal, it is not always easy to get through it. I feel that I do have all these tools but that doesn’t make it easy to get through the tough times, I just know that because of them I will get past it and that helps me persevere. 

This week ahead is all about continuing to focus on the positives, working hard and making a few changes to learn from the areas that have not been going so well. Making changes is another key aspect of progress. If something hasn’t being going as well as you hoped then you need to make some changes and learn from what has happened. The answers aren’t always clear and it may take a few weeks to realise what the best options are but it is important to keep trying. At this point I am not entirely sure how to solve all the problems I encountered the last week or so but I am trying and I know that an answer will come if I continue to focus on the positives. 

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