I have been lucky in life to always enjoy my work. Before I was a personal trainer I worked in my family business which was takeaways (I do appreciate the irony) and prior to that I was a waitress throughout university. It was always important to me to enjoy my work as I knew I would be more inclined to work hard at it, plus work takes up such a large portion of your life it would be very difficult if you really didn’t enjoy it. However, what is most exciting about running your own business is that you can develop the business in a way that allows you to pursue many of the things you love which is what I feel I am doing at the moment. 

When I started I was a personal trainer and self employed but I would say that is where the job description ended. It was a great place to start but now my day job involves so many other roles, all of which are projects that I am really passionate about. I talked a little about the Podcast last week and how much I enjoy hearing other people’s stories and learning from them. This week there is another new addition to the blog and that is the evolution of the food blog. 

I love cooking and I love eating! I look forward to meal times and see them as an important part of my day and of family life. Growing up in an Italian household where food was such a big part of life has definitely influenced my love for cooking but I would say that my knowledge is fairly limited. When I was younger I was much more interested in eating my Nonna’s food that cooking it! As I got older though, I developed more of an interest in food and, particularly now as a mother, it is something I feel I want to get better at and to have more recipes as part of my repertoire. 

Also, 4321 members are always looking for inspiration for healthy family friendly meals that they can make. With this in mind I was hoping I could find a good solution given my own limitations. Then suddenly the answer seemed incredibly simple. I have always been a firm believer that healthy eating is really just good homemade meals. If you eat healthy, hearty, nutrient rich food every day you feel more satisfied, comforted and far less likely to need or want snacks in between meals and this is the ethos that I want everyone to have when it comes to food. It is not about diet food, and never should be, it should be about health and feeling satisfied. So I decided to unlock all the secret family recipes that many Italians have used for generations as well as many other dishes from lots of other cultures. 

I have asked family, friends and beyond to share a family recipe that they love and are happy to share with the world in celebration of their family and their background. I am then simply sharing those recipes with you so that you can enjoy them too and we can all celebrate homemade food and how important that is to each of us. I will also be sharing the personal stories behind each recipe as I think it means something when you make a dish that you know others have enjoyed for years if not generations before. 

This part of the blog has only just begun but I am so excited about how it is looking and I can safely say that Giulio is also loving the variation to our meal times. We both have certain dishes that we make regularly so it is a welcome change to try some new recipes. Plus, these ones have all been tried and tested so you know they are going to be good. I hope you enjoy the new food blog as much as we are! 

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