Anyone that has tried to lose weight or get fit will know this feeling well, at any one time elements of the plan are going well but it is tough to get everything working well at once. There are weeks where training is on point but nutrition is all over the place and vice versa. Not to mention the weeks when nothing goes to plan at all. I am experiencing exactly this at the moment at work. The plan is there, I am working hard to put it together but I cannot seem to get all elements working at once.

This is a really frustrating place to be as it is not about lack of hard work or discipline it is more of a logistical problem. It is as though you focus on getting one part right and whilst doing that you lose control of something else. When it comes to health and fitness I do often recommend breaking the process down into steps to allow people to focus on being successful in one particular area. Often we start with what comes more naturally to someone, for example many people love exercise even if they have fallen away from it, so my advice is focus on training for the first coupe of weeks, get into a routine with that and then we can start discussing nutrition. I find this approach stops people getting too overwhelmed by doing too much at once. Normally, I would apply similar techniques to the business but occasionally the same methods do not work and this is one of those times. 

The issue is with a business there are always multiple tasks that need done. It is incredibly difficult to put something completely to the side and come back to it when you feel ready. I am struggling with this juggling at the moment and I have spent the week trying to find a solution. I wouldn’t say I have come up with a definitive answer but I have found some options to try. I think the first step is to try to work as efficiently as possible. I would say that sometimes I spend too long worrying about certain outcomes or when I come up with a good idea, I develop it, do all the hard work and then do not implement it immediately. The issue with this is that it is just another thing on my mind. I need to get things created and implemented as part of a process to then move onto the next thing. 

I also need to have a more coherent plan for my day. I am incredibly bad at not writing down what needs done in a day and, crucially, not prioritising things. Therefore, I get to the end of the working day and realise I had a task that needed done urgently and I forgot all about it. So instead of finishing up for the day I spend another hour on a task that should have been done. I am so organised in many ways but when it comes to work I always assume I know exactly what needs done, but a clear list and schedule would sort this problem. 

Finally, I need to create time to be creative. I love coming up with new ideas whether that be for social media, business expansion or for 4321 members but too often I can let the time spent on this spiral for too long. I need to set aside time for brainstorming or development that does not impinge on the the day to day tasks. Both are as important as each other but because day to day tasks are not normally as fun to do the time spent on each can become a bit imbalanced. 

I find that if you have a plan and it is not working as well as you would like it is really important to assess what is going wrong and why. That is the only way to find solutions. I do not like to keep doing the same process every week if it is not working, I need to understand what is happening and make positive moves to change it. That is what I have done this week as I feel the plan could be working better as a whole. I am hoping some of these solutions will work, but even if they don’t  addressing the issues is a step in the right direction and from there I will find the answers. 

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