I suppose this feels like as good a time as any to let you know that Giulio and I are expecting another baby in spring 2020! We are incredibly excited and very nervous all at the same time! Having 2 kids under 2 will no doubt be a challenge and how will this all fit around work? Good question! We have not yet figured out those details but I know it will all work out in the end. As long as the wee one arrives fit and healthy then that is all that really matters. The rest is just logistics.

I do think the great thing about a growing family is that it really helps you focus and prioritise. Everything you do seems to have a deadline and one that seems to be fast approaching! I am unsure if this pressure is greater because I work for myself or if it is in fact lessened because of it. I am always aware that there are pros and cons of running a business versus being employed but I am not always sure how they compare. I suppose all I know for sure is everyone trying to be a working parent in any capacity faces many challenges and are constantly juggling.

Since having Paolo, my working life has changed massively. It isn’t really about working more or less it is just different. I spend much more time working from home, doing social media and building the online part of the business and much less time doing one to one sessions. I enjoy this largely because of the flexibility with family life that it gives me but working from home is far less sociable than going out to work. Subsequently, the hours that I am out working I really enjoy. 

It is not just my working life that has changed but Giulio’s too. He has made some massive changes in the last year and I would say, aside from some periods of uncertainty, he is delighted that he has taken that step and the rewards of which are really starting to pay off now.

This is one of the things I am most excited about with baby number 2, aside from the baby itself of course, but it is the inevitable change that it will bring. I am not someone that fears change, I relish it. I believe change is above all a catalyst for progression, but only if you embrace it. Many people are scared of change so they cling onto the current status quo even if that doesn’t make them particularly happy. Change is an inevitability though and holding on to the way things were, particularly in business, can be a very dangerous strategy.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify when you need to make changes though and before you know it you have been doing the same thing for years without making any progress. Therefore, when key moments for change come along it is important that you go with it and do not resist it. This is what baby number 2 brings me, another chance to re-evaluate and make some progress. I do not know how that will look going forward, that is the next step, but at the moment I am just excited about what it might bring.

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