As many of you may have noticed I have not slowed down even a little during this pregnancy. If anything I have actually been working harder as it has made me more focused and more determined to succeed. Also, when I was pregnant with Paolo I felt dreadful for the first 3 months. I felt sick all day long and didn’t have any motivation or energy to exercise. However, this time around I have felt so much better and I think that gave me a bit of a boost, so I have just kept going at a hundred miles an hour. That was until last week though when I realised I did need to ease up a little.

Last week I was still keeping well but was hit with just such overwhelming tiredness in the evening. Normally after Paolo goes to bed I do a workout and at least another hour of work, but last week none of that happened. After 7pm it was tools down, feet up, dinner and an early night. For the first night or two I was frustrated that I couldn’t get so much done but then I realised that I am pregnant, up at 5.30am every day and have a toddler. I should probably be more honest and admit that I didn’t realise this, it was pointed out to me many times by Giulio and my mum who were trying to get me to slow down a little and give myself a bit of a break.

Now if I wasn’t as tired as I was, I probably would have told them both to be quiet but I did know that I had to slow down a little. So for the rest for week I did not train and did not work past 7pm. It actually felt good to switch off earlier in the evening and it felt even better to have so many early nights. I think, in general, women can be hard on themselves trying to do everything and not showing any weakness, I know I certainly am, but it actually felt good to just say you know what I can’t do that today or I am too tired and just take it easy. Giulio is now fully prepped for me to use the pregnancy card regularly and liberally!

Seriously though, it is important to listen to your body and that doesn’t just mean when you are pregnant it is at all times. Too often, men and women, just power on regardless of how they are feeling mentally and physically and it is important to remember that it is fine to say actually I need a hand or I need to take a break. You end up feeling far better for it in the long run, you are more focused and more efficient after some breathing space and perhaps, most importantly, you are more useful to everyone around you at work and at home when you are feeling one hundred percent.

I had an easy week and, just by coincidence, a very quiet weekend and the result is that I feel much better this week, have started well and plan to exercise as normal. If I hadn’t rested I very much doubt I would be feeling so motivated or positive at the start of the week. I do, however, still plan to stop work earlier in the day and I only plan to complete my training session after Paolo goes to bed, everything else will just need to wait. I think that is going to be key in staying energised throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

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