One of the aspects of my job that I like the most is that no two weeks are exactly the same. Of course, there are core hours I work and core tasks that need completed but there are also lots of different things happening and even more so between now and January 2020. As discussed previously, this last stretch of the year has largely been about looking to the future and developing the product that I offer and last week we took a big step to doing just that.

I am very excited to say that last week we filmed a yoga programme with 4321 member and yoga teacher Kerry Mullin. When Kerry started with the 4321 Method she was in the middle of her yoga teaching training after being a yoga aficionado for well over a decade. Yoga is an incredible practice and one that I have always encouraged 4321 members to do alongside their training, particularly if I feel their mobility is restricted. I also used to do yoga once a week and I think it was a huge help in my progression with body weight training. For a long time I struggled with the mobility to do a full pistol squat and, whilst I could do a full bridge (full crab) it definitely looked far better after working more on my flexibility.

Both yoga and calisthenics (body weight training) compliment each other incredibly well as they both encourage you to push yourself whilst also understanding your body better, respecting it more and encouraging you to push beyond your limits. This is why I felt adding yoga to the programme was the natural next progression and with Kerry being a 4321 member and understanding the programme fully she was also the perfect yogi to do it.

Together we have been planning this for a few months and it all came together last week and should be ready and available to all 4321 members in January, which I am incredibly excited about.

There have been a few other developments that have also started to come together, including a loyalty/reward scheme for members and and personal challenge that I am incredibly excited to launch in January 2020. I think members are really going to enjoy the new additions and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

Finally, we (Giulio and I) are really getting our teeth into the corporate programme. This has been a slow burner largely because testing proved that we needed to change a few aspects of the programme to make it better suited to corporations adding more value to the employer as well as the employee. No matter how good you believe your product to be it is incredibly important that those that matter, the customer, get to test it and provide feedback. We have listened to this and made some appropriate changes to make this, we believe, one the simplest, timely and cost effective corporate health and wellbeing programmes on the market.

I think it is fair to say that not all of this happened in one week but it has all come together in the last week or so and that is because of our commitment to plan, look to the future and because I made a decision to eat the frog!

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