The one thing I love about this blog is that it gives me some important time to reflect on my week and sometimes that is just as simple as asking myself what on earth has happened in the past week! When I sat down to write this blog I had to really digest just how busy the last week has been. Work wise I am spinning so many plates and just when you think you have everything under control you have to deal with a poorly baby, which really does throw the week into a spin! In this situation it is necessary to strip back the to do list and prioritise effectively.

Poor Paolo is thankfully feeling much better but was loaded with the cold for a full week and although he slept for large portions of the day, he was also very clingy so it was difficult to get anything done, even just household tasks, when I was with him. That is just a normal part of life though, you get sick, kids get sick, husbands get sick (that might be the worst one) so you just have to find a way to work around it and stay as positive as you can.

The last few weeks have been really exciting at 4321 HQ and there has been a lot happening so one of the positives I am taking from it is that it gave me a chance to take a step back and plan the next 4-6 weeks until the end of the year. I didn’t have nearly as much time to do as many of the writing, recording or editing tasks that normally take up so much of my week so I had to find ways to be productive in a different way. In fact, because of this at the start of this week I got a number of tasks completed very quickly that would normally have taken me much longer. I had taken time to think about the best way to approach them and to plan out how they would look. Therefore, the task of putting them together was much easier.

There are also a lot of weekly tasks to do that are non negotiable, so I made sure they were completed first and, because I was always racing against the clock of an unpredictable napping baby, I made sure I did them quickly and efficiently. No time wasting on social media, no time spent reading the news or any of the other hundred distractions that an iPhone can provide when you are looking for it. Just enough time to make a quick coffee, there is always time for coffee.

Earlier on in the process this kind of situation would have felt like a real setback but I have come to realise that it is just part of life. Some weeks go to plan and others don’t. Actually worrying about it wastes the most time of all, so the best approach is to just accept it and prioritise. This can happen with 4321 members as well. Many members get really thrown off when a week does not go to plan and it can end up setting them back two or three weeks, whereas those that get the best success just realise that some weeks are not completely in their control so they just strive to make the best of it and as soon as things calm down they are fully focused and back on track.

The biggest variable here is often time. I am quite far into my new journey now so I am more comfortable and able to deal with the ups and the downs and the same applies to 4321 members well into the process. Those that struggle more are right at the start and it is definitely harder to roll with the punches at this stage as you do want a little momentum and consistency to help give you a boost. However, whilst it is harder at this stage it is important to remember that life is always unpredictable and all you can do is make the best out of any situation you are given, prioritise your tasks and then hit the ground running when things go back to normal.

I am feeling good at the start of this week, despite last week not going particularly well, as I know I am still mostly in control of my own destiny and achieving any long term goal is never going to be without hiccups. The most important thing is that Paolo is feeling much better and I actually felt lucky that my work life balance allowed me to take that time to look after him, along with Giulio, as many people do not have a job that allows for so much flexibility. All I had to do was focus and priorities to stay on track.

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