As you will have seen there has been a lot happening over at 4321 HQ and there really is a big push to hit all of my targets before January. Well I say January, but actually I would like to get everything lined up before the 20th December that way I can down tools for a couple of weeks and really enjoy Christmas and New Year without stressing about deadlines.

I am normally not someone that is precious about time off. If anything I don’t think about it at all. I regularly work weekends and have worked many years without a holiday not for any other reason than simply if I do not have anything specific planned I don’t see the point in taking time off. I am quite sure that will change going forward now that I have a family, but traditionally I do not take many days off in the year, that is with the exception of at Christmas and New Year. There are a number of reasons why I enjoy some time off at this time of year and most of them revolve around spending time with family and friends and, now with Paolo it is just extra special, so it is definitely a time of year I want to enjoy.

When it comes to the work side of things I like to have some downtime at this time because I want to head into January fresh, energetic and ready to go! January in the fitness industry is the December to almost every other industry. It is our peak season and I like to be ready for it. It is not just about new customers though, there is a noted spike in focus, discipline and drive from current 4321 members too and I always like to make sure that my energy and enthusiasm at this time of year matches theirs.

Conversely, December is actually quite a quiet time given that many people are slightly distracted from their routine and training is not always top of their agenda, so I do like to get some pre January prep in and try to be as organised as I can for the year ahead. This year is particularly busy as in January there are a lot of changes happening at The 4321 Method, all of which should add to the product considerably, so with that in mind and the desire to down tools completely from the 23rd December to the 3rd January I really need to keep pushing and working hard to get there.

The hardest part about that is trying to stay focused at this time of year to get everything done. There are always a million and one distractions and an ever expanding to do list that do make it difficult to stay on top of work but I just need to do it. I feel incredibly excited about 2020 so I am planning on using that drive and energy to push myself for the next 3 weeks and get as much done as I possibly can.

It can be really easy to switch off from your goals completely in December, particularly if they are health and fitness related but try to keep pushing throughout the month. That doesn’t mean you can’t take some well earned rest over the last couple of weeks but try not to tune out from the 1st December. Keep pushing as long as you can, you have got this, that’s what I keep telling myself too!

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