I suppose it had been coming, but the last two weeks I was hit with an incredible wave of tiredness. I would be fine in the morning but as the day went on I would feel more and more exhausted and was literally counting down until Paolo went to bed. I had lost a lot of sleep because Paolo had been unwell and baby number 2 has most definitely taken a growth spurt, but I still couldn’t believe how tired I was. The biggest thing I noticed was how difficult it is to focus when you are so tired, so I had to find ways to try to stay as energised as possible without overdoing the caffeine and sugar.

An absolutely key factor for me was staying well hydrated and drinking lots of water. I am like most people and reach for a coffee when my energy starts to dip, but as I am pregnant that is not always a possibility so drinking more water was key. It is difficult to think of water as helping with energy as it does not give you the instant hit that caffeine or sugar does, but what it does do is give your energy levels more of an even boost and what I mean by that is that instead of your energy spiking for a short period after a stimulant it increases more gradually and, crucially, it stays at this level for far longer. Hydration is my number one top tip for anyone dealing with extreme tiredness.

I would also recommend streamlining tasks. It is just not possible to do everything you want to do when you are so exhausted. I prioritised tasks over the last couple of weeks to ensure I didn’t fall behind with work but nor was I working at the level I normally would. It was also time for me to say goodbye to my workouts for the time being as well. I just knew that I didn’t have the energy for them and instead I have been going out walking as much as I can. I do still want to stay active, but making it less strenuous was crucial.

It can be good to have certain pick me ups at crucial times in the day as well to help get you through really tough dips in the day. For me getting through the bed time routine on my own was pretty tough so on those days I would have a well timed coffee at around 4.30pm with a little dark chocolate just to help give me that much needed boost. Excessive caffeine or sugar doesn’t help as it ends up driving your energy up and down like a yo yo all day, but a little at the right time is the ideal energy booster.

The main cure for tiredness is always going to be rest and sleep, but that is not always possible so hopefully these tips will help you as they did me. I did also find out that my iron was really low which will have definitely impacted my energy levels so with some iron tablets and Paolo sleeping much better I am feeling far more like my old self for the time being. However, pretty soon I will have to contend with a newborn so writing down what has helped over this brief spell will hopefully stand me in good stead for the next wave of tiredness.

Until then though I am back working hard and feeling as focused and motivated as ever!

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