The importance of momentum should never be underestimated. I talk to 4321 members a lot about this as success is often built on momentum and the accumulation of hard work. Working at anything sporadically will never get the same results as working consistently because you are just not able to build up any momentum. When you do anything sporadically you always take 2 steps forward and then 2 steps back so you never really progress. Momentum allows you to keep moving forward every single week, even if just marginally, and after a period of time the improvements get bigger and more noticeable as momentum builds. This week, I can feel the momentum building and it is an important time for me. 

There is always a period at the beginning of any journey where you are putting in the work but do not feel the results match the effort. Working long hours, juggling family life and making personal sacrifices to try to reach my goals is never easy, but it is especially tough when you feel as though you are not getting anywhere. I stayed patient though and knew that if I could build up some momentum it would pay off. Slowly but surely that has started to happen. I would love to tell you that something monumental has happened but that isn’t how it works, the signs have been small but significant. Moving forward bit by bit each week and with each step forward I am getting closer. Most importantly though, this momentum shift has given me a massive boost to keep going. It’s made me want to work harder and push more. I am excited, driven and hungry.

That is the thing about momentum you can feel it. You can feel the tide turning and if you feel that momentum, you have to go with it and push harder to take advantage. Take advantage of the extra focus it gives you, take advantage of the opportunities it gives you and, most importantly, capitalise on the results that it brings. However, do not get complacent. At the moment I feel extra motivated and driven but I have seen many other people hit some momentum, get results and take their foot off the pedal because they feel as though the hard work is over. The hard work is never over. If you stop working hard towards your goals, they slip away. 

The other caution with momentum is to try not to get carried away with it and take on too much. This is a bigger problem for me than taking my foot off the gas. I tend to get over excited. I have too many ideas, too much planned and I risk not doing any of them well. One of the biggest changes I have made in my work is to break everything down into manageable chunks and don’t try to take on a million tasks a day. I have to try and stay focused. 

I am incredibly excited to be at this point though, I feel like it has been a long time coming. I have always worked hard but never as focused and never so fearlessly. Since I took the leap and decided to take the business in a different direction it has been scary, it has been up and down, but I have just kept going. This momentum shift means a lot and I know what a difference it can make so I do plan to take advantage of it, I just need to pace myself!

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