You may or may not have noticed that the last two weeks I have not posted a new blog post and the reason for that is that I was away on my holidays. I had actually intended on still doing the two articles in spite of being away but I had grossly misjudged how little time I would have both before going on holiday and whilst on holiday with a 1 year old. It is was so busy, I questioned whether it was worth going away at all! 

Prior to leaving, between trying to make sure everything was organised for work and making sure that I had packed everything I needed for myself and Paolo, the time literally evaporated. So instead of adding more stress I thought I would simply take a week or two off the blog and get straight back into it on my return. I can be very guilty of putting a lot of pressure on myself to do every single task but I am glad I let myself off the hook a little instead of exhausting myself trying to do it all. I do think a lot of mums are guilty of trying to be perfect and it is important to know that it is ok to give yourself a break if you need it. 

I naively also thought I would have a little time to write a blog on holiday and I was actually looking forward to doing so as I have previously blogged on holiday and I really enjoyed writing in a different setting and having completely different things to discuss. I particularly remember writing a blog on my Honeymoon. I sat in a Starbucks in LA for an hour or so, just daydreaming and writing. That time and freedom is the sort of luxury you cannot appreciate until you have children. This holiday could not have been more different! It was still incredibly enjoyable but a world away from a holiday on our own. We did not get two minutes to ourself, Paolo went to bed late, got up early and did not stop every minute in between. Even the thought of having time to write a blog seems hysterical now. What was I thinking? 

So here I am then week 15 in the journey and back to reality. I am most upset that my day no longer begins with a coffee and croissant, but I am glad to be getting back into my routine. The holiday came at a nice time because I felt as though things were starting to run away from me a little so it was good to relax, recalibrate and take some time to get focused again. Writing this at the beginning of a new week I feel in control of what I need to do going forward and, perhaps more importantly, I feel as though I have the energy to really push forward and keep working hard. 

As I have discussed before I can be bad for not taking any days off let alone a full holiday yet every time I do I really feel the benefits, particularly at work. I am more focused, more efficient and more determined to reach my goals. Ironically, although I am bad at taking breaks myself I do recommend them to 4321 members. Some people feel bad when they miss a week of training but that rest can do both your mind and body a lot of good. You need to think that if working out is part of your lifestyle then it makes sense that sometimes you need to take a short break. I wouldn’t recommend just skipping a week because you cannot be bothered, that may lead to a lack of discipline going forward but I do recommend scheduling breaks to coincide with holidays, time off or big occasions. This makes it easier to enjoy the time off and to get focused again when you return to your routine. 

My next scheduled break is probably not until Christmas, so between now and then it is important to maximise my time, get focused and go for it! The holiday hiatus is officially over. 

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